Our Story



Welcome to New Moon Art Studio! 

My work has been focused on the understanding that we humans are an intrinsic part of the natural world. There is no separation between us and the entire life system of the planet...except in our own realization of this unity. The process we are now undergoing is the growing consciousness of this reality so that evolution may be fulfilled.

I began painting wildlife in the early 1990’s and they evolved into “Icons of Nature” using egg tempera paints on traditional gesso boards to capture the essence of the animals I met in both the outer world and my own inner world. I wanted to reflect what I heard them saying to me through their presence.

This series of work still continues along with sepia drawings of various nature studies.


Patricia Malcolm


My artwork is inspired by nature, mythology, fairy tales and music. Intuitive Internal Soundscapes are my drawings that I create while listening to music.  It is a relaxing meditative process that calms the chatter in my mind. As I tune into the rhythm of the song, I find myself drawing lines that shift into shapes, and then morph into images.  Time is nonexistent in this wonderful state of flow. I am usually surprised by the images that choose to show up. Dreambrush is a collection of these intuitive drawings from the world of my imagination. My artwork is created with the intentions of love, peace, light and hope to benefit all beings.   


Bonnie Bernal